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New Delhi Wedding Photographer
A high level new New Delhi Candid Photographer, this can be the area for you to start. As being a wedding photographer quite a bit of responsibility and difficult work, there can be no re-takes and if you miss a minute, you can never get it back.

Here are few ideas to be a better Candid Wedding Photographer.

1) Use Wide Aperture

Wedding venues mostly have very less light which can be a genuine challenge to shoot, If you use Wide aperture, you get a lot of light inside the camera and also you obtain a better DoF and subject and background isolation. Although, while using the wide apertures you have to bear in mind to focus correctly.

2) Slow Flash Sync

If you choose to make use of a flash, use a slower shutter speed, which lets you let in ambient light using the flash light. Your subject could be sharp even at shutter speeds like 1/15 if you are firing a flash.

Candid Wedding Photographer

3) Framing and Composition

Make sure to compose and frame your pictures well, Once from the key point which makes the image may be the composition. You can read few rules of composition like Rule of Thirds and Leading Lines to compose your pictures better.

4) Lighting

If you are shooting a low-lit venue, you'll either have to you artificial light by using strobes or boost your ISO to go into more light. It depends on the photographer as well as their style of shooting which method are they comfortable using.

5) Focus on detail

Being a photographer, you need to pay lots of attention to even small things making the rounds. Often, details might have to go unnoticed by the guests, however when they see a picture, the memories come flooding back. Always focus on detail.

6) Anticipate

Anticipate for unique moments and make sure to capture them. Weddings are happy occasion, keep your eye and ear open for laughter, pictures with people laughing and feeling relaxed works the very best.

7) Smile

If you smile at people, they smile back, make sure to make a lot of eye-to-eye contact and smile. Not only will it give you enough opportunity for pictures but help you get rid of camera-shy.

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